Residente & Ricky Martin Team Up in 'Quiero Ser Baladista'

Ricky Martin Joins Residente in Latest ‘Quiero Ser Baladista’ Music Video

The Puerto Rican is back with a hard-hitting diss with the best company

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Just some days ago, legendary rapper Residente delivered a huge beef against Cosculluela and other figures linked to the urban scene in Latin America in “Batería y Bajo.” The Puerto Rican assured that that was going to be his last tiraera for a while, but he has just dropped “Quiero Ser Baladista,” what appears to be another diss track against artists that sing ballads and similar music styles.

But that wasn’t the only surprise. We must talk about the jaw-dropping moment in which Ricky Martin appears in the music video, lip-singing some hard-hitting rhymes of Residente. 

The Puerto Rican pop legend, whose musical style could perfectly fit in Rene’s critique, turns into a rapper in the brutal music clip. The black-and-white video (which is more like an indie short-film), directed by Pepe Avila del Pino, pictures different images of violence and attacks to Residente, and how he responds ruthlessly. 

Here, the rapper kidnaps Afo Verde, CEO and chairman of Sony Music Latin-Iberia and turns into a balladeer in front of him (making a big parody about this figure). When the boss doesn’t like the idea, Residente shoots him dead. But then, Martin appears on scene, shooting and later urinating (yes, you’ve read that right, urinating) on Residente’s body. He later puts on René’s signature (the cap with [R] symbol) and continues the diss with the voice of the Puerto Rican rapper. However, he ends the song with his own baladista style. 

So yes, we can say that Residente did it again: he surprised us in the most savage way. We really couldn’t imagine such an iconic crossover, but if someone can do it, that’s René.

Our question now is if the rapper is really thinking about radically changing his style, since he has released another clip called “La Ruptura,” a monologue where the artist has a long talk with his own ego, with everything that represents the legacy of Residente. He speaks about breaking with some dynamics that have accompanied him through his career and exploring new concepts and styles.

Will we see Residente dropping a real soft ballad? We’ll have to wait to see it!