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From Script to Strike: Series Cancellations & Delays

Sadly, the show must wait, including series like 'Stranger Things' and 'Euphoria'

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On September 19, the Writers Guild strike in the United States reached its 141st day, with just 13 days left to surpass the 1988 record of 154 days. Back in 1988, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) was advocating for increased residual benefits for one-hour program reruns, a larger share of foreign rights, and greater creative control over their work. Today, while the specific demands have changed, the determination to sustain the strike until major studios listen remains steadfast. 

Among the current demands are: salary increases, improved royalties, more staff, and resolution on an issue that was once the stuff of science fiction but is now a reality: Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. This too must be negotiated. The strike, which includes actors and actresses, has now lasted 68 days and they would need 27 more to break another record. It’s causing one of the most significant disruptions in the audiovisual production industry, and the impact is already being felt. And it’s only just getting started. 

The small screen, particularly in the realm of streaming, is about to experience the consequences of the strike in the form of cancellations and delays. This latter half of the year has confirmed that some series will take longer to release, some are left in limbo, and regrettably, some have been permanently canceled. These categories encompass projects with devoted fan bases, critical acclaim, and high anticipation. 

Stranger Things 

We’ve known this was coming, but don’t let panic set in at least not too much, as our beloved characters are returning to Hawkins, although not as the kids we remember. While it’s true that Netflix’s series has never been in a hurry to release episodes something reflected in the growth of its actorsthe strike is pushing the final batch of episodes to as late as 2025! Millie Bobby Brown will be 21 years old by then. 

But more important than the actress’s age is the series itself. It remains one of the streaming platform’s crown jewels, and even though it’s delayed, it will arrive to conclusively resolve the mysteries of Hawkins and the events surrounding Vecna. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other series. 


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Metropolis, The Peripheral & A League of Their Own 

The ambitious project from the creator of Mr. Robot, Metropolis, based on the 1927 film, has already been canceled by Apple TV+ and Universal. It was initially positioned as one of Australia’s largest productions, but the strike prompted its cancellation. A similar fate has befallen The Peripheral, despite being renewed for a second season, and A League of Their Own (both from Prime Video). 

HBO Max: The Last of Us & Euphoria

This platform deserves a bit more concern as HBO Max hosts some of the most popular and eagerly awaited series. At the top of the list is The Last of Us, featuring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Its success has made it one of the most anticipated second seasons in the years to come. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait longer than expected for the continuation of the PlayStation video game adaptation. 

A similar fate awaits Euphoria, another fan-favorite and critically acclaimed series. Despite having a confirmed third season, scriptwriting won’t resume until the strike is resolved. 


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Marvel Delays 

Even Disney is not immune to this reality. Specifically, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen its schedule completely upended by the strike, a consequence of their ambitious release plans for the years ahead. And it’s not just the movies; all their plans for the small screen have been affected. 

Loki’s second season will still premiere on October 6th, but other projects like Echo or Agatha: Darkhold Diaries previously known as Coven of Chaoswill be delayed. The same goes for Daredevil: Born Again, which aimed to further explore Marvel’s blind superhero, and X-Men ’97, the animated series continuing the legacy of the ’90s original. Thankfully, it’s expected that these delays won’t extend beyond a year from their initial release dates. 

Spanish article by Javier Rodrigo Saavedra for LOS40.