Feid’s ‘FERXXOCALIPSIS’: A Musical Journey to the End of Time

The EP features 10 songs that pay tribute to his homeland

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Feid has given us a taste of something exciting – could it be the end of the world? Not quite, but we’re definitely experiencing a genuine FERXXOCALIPSIS as we say goodbye to 2023. The Colombian artist has pleasantly surprised his fans with an EP featuring 10 songs that pay tribute to his homeland and offer a captivating mix of urban sounds that are bound to stay on our playlists for a while. 

December Holds a Special Place in Ferxxo’s Heart

As he recently shared on his Instagram account while announcing the release of this music project. “I want to express my gratitude to everyone who’s been a part of this journey; Colombia has so much more talent to offer, and this is just a small piece of it! […] I wish you all plenty of festive delights, joy, good health, and peace! SEE YOU SOON,” he expressed. 

And now, the EP is here, blending Feid’s unique style with an apocalyptic theme that immerses us in a musical journey. For many, in the face of an apocalypse, the comfort they’d seek might just be found in the music of this Colombian artist. 

With a positive energy and collabs with fellow artists from Colombia, Feid brings us an urban Christmas soundtrack. Mañas Ru-Fino, Pirlo, Jhay P, Young Miko, and ATL Jacob have joined forces with the Colombian artist, each contributing their distinctive musical flair. For instance, «La Vuelta» featuring Mañas Ru-Fino treats us to some rap verses from this member of Doble Porción. 

As expected, the release of this EP has been met with great enthusiasm on social media and digital platforms. Among the comments, you’ll find numerous proud Colombian fans who appreciate the artist’s support for homegrown talent. “Well done, Feid! You’ve done something that no other Colombian reggaeton artist has done before collaborating with a rapper from your own country, and it’s a hit! Regardless of personal taste, the styles within rap are truly unique,” one fan remarked. 

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Have you had a chance to listen to FERXXOCALIPSIS yet? If so, which song is your favorite from the album?