10 Most Streamed BZRP Session

The BZRP Music Sessions That Broke The Internet: Shakira, Quevedo & More

We recall some of the Argentine producer's most iconic drops

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Bizarrap has just announced his new BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 59 featuring Mexican corridos tumbados star Natanael Cano.

The Argentine producer has become a true icon of urban music since he earned the position of being one of the top producers of all time. With only 25 years old, his numbers speak alone: more than 43 millon users play his songs each month on Spotify.


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Gonzalo Julián Conde (Ramos Mejía, Argentine, 1998) started making memes of rap battles in Argentine, but he also uploaded freestyle sessions and remixes to his YouTube channel and soon attracted attention with his talent and style. After releasing his first BZRP Music Sessions, more and more listeners began to take a big interest in his work and now he literally makes history in the industry after dropping a new one.

To celebrate his birthday, we want to pay tribute to one of the most groundbreaking artists of the new generation by recalling the 10 most viewed BZRP Sessions that broke the Internet after their release

1. Shakira (710 M) 

The #53 BZRP Session featuring Colombian legend Shakira is probably one of the best breakup songs of all time. The artist really left everything out after all the controversy surrounding her divorcing Spanish former soccer player Gerard Piqué.

She teamed up with the Argentine star, transforming pain and anger into an iconic girl power anthem. “Las mujeres ya no lloran, ¡Las mujeres facturan!”.

2. Quevedo (635 M)

It’s impossible to avoid screaming “QUÉÉÉÉÉÉÉÉDATE” everytime the #52 BZRP Session with Quevedo starts playing.

The Spanish artist delivers a performance full of flow and catchy rhythms that earned his first entry together with Biza on the Billboard Hot 100. They even maintained the top spot in the charts for several weeks in a row during last summer.

3. Nathy Peluso (396 M)

We are not still over Nathy Peluso’s #36 BZRP Session.

Her entrance with the verse: “Qué buena vista tenés cuando me pones a cuatro patas” is simply jaw-dropping. Both Argentine stars team up here delivering an uplifting hit that got all the audience screaming “I’m a I’m a I’m a nasty girl / fantastic / este culo es natural / no plastic / lo que toco, lo hago bombastic / esos gil’ a mí me la mastic» 

4. L- Gante (339 M)

“Si me avisa en 5’ estoy porque sabe como soy, su gato no le da entonces me llama y voy”.

It’s impossible not to recognize this popular lyric with which Argentine rapper and cumbia singer L-Gante starts his #38 «Villarrap» Session that accumulates 322,5 million views

5. Trueno (260 M)

Trueno brings to the #6 BZRP Session some fast verses that clearly show everything he learned being a freestyler.

His old school hip-hop references shine here on an uplifting beat. With artists like him and Bizarrap, it’s clear that Argentine is a talent factory.

6. Villano Antillano (252 M)

La Villana has recently become a true icon that’s breaking all the barriers for trans women in the industry. She immediately went viral with her incredible rap in the #51 BZRP Session, showing how it’s done and flowering on an explosive beat delivered by the Argentine producer. “M-A-L-A-M-I-A, ¡Mala mía!

7. Snow Tha Product (246 M)

The Mexican rapper Snow Tha Product broke the Internet after releasing the #39 BZRP session, killing it with the most explosive rhymes.

And there was also time for a little diss: “Yo represento la comunidad que está cansada de raperos que no saben rapear, que solamente con sus joyas es que saben brillar, que no tiene estrella propia y solo saben copiar”, she rapped to the mic. 

8. Nicki Nicole (227 M)

Nicki Nicole was one of the first rising artists entering in the studio with Bizarrap in this successful format. In her #13 BZRP Session we can see her bringing clever verses with some R&B and reggae vibes. 

9. Alemán (226 M)

Alemán and Bizarrap join forces in one of the first BZRP Music Sessions, the number 15. The Mexican rapper delivers some hard-hitting rhymes that evidence his influences of rappers like Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and Dr. Dre, among others. 

10. Tiago PZK (215 M)

Trap star Tiago PZK gave us a #48 BZRP Session full of flow and cumbia. He also makes a little nod to our urban queen Nathy Peluso. His session with the Argentine producer has already surpassed 193 million views