Rauw Alejandro Explodes Against a Hater who Mentions Rosalía: ‘You Talk As If You Had Been There’

The Puerto Rican was in the mood to answer and has had a tense conversation with a user of X (Twitter)

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Social media is a double-edged sword that help you on many occasions, but get you into unnecessary trouble on others. Rauw Alejandro has gotten into one of those conversations that not everyone understands and that, moreover, had nothing to do with his new song, ‘Touching The Sky.’

He has an upcoming show at a festival in New York on Friday, June 9, and he was asking his X (Twitter) users what songs they would like to hear because since it wasn’t his own concert, he had to cut down the repertoire.

One of his followers, who more than a fan we could say is a hater, mentioned one: «‘Dile A El’, your best song and it’s not even yours because Rosalía wrote it”.

But Rauw seemed to have a day of not keeping quiet. “Dile A El, la escribió El Zorro, gran amigo mio 💙✌🏼”, replied the Puerto Rican. But it didn’t end there, the conversation between the two continued.

“Secondly, now you are going to take away Rosalia’s credit? please, the decadence. the same way he wrote chicken teriyaki where he only wrote the word naki? 📷”, insisted the hater who was not in the mood to give up.

“Well I do not talk much about these things, but in many songs artists who interpret also come out as writers, still spoti does not have an update that can give more details of a producer. Anyway, working together and team makes great works, enjoy the art 🫶🏼💙», replied again the urban singer.

“hahaha you are literally minimizing her work, what could you expect from you. go keep doing tik toks that comes heavy the flop era”, replied again his hater. And Rauw must have been bored, or tired, because he continued with the exchange of opinions.

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia celebrate her birthday at Carbone after Rosalia performed at the Global Citizen Festival on September 25, 2022 in New York City. Gotham/GC Images

“I understand that you want to misinterpret and make drama on social media. I respect each of the artists who have worked with me. 🫶🏼 Today you can sing a song, like tomorrow you can just write it, or like the next day you just produce it, or like you can do them all at once. Every song has its story 💙 peace to you, friend ✌🏼», insisted the singer.

The user, who has a picture of Rosalía in her account profile, wanted to say the last word: “And besides there is nothing to misinterpret, you said that she did not write it when in spotify says otherwise. and you prefer to continue to delve into the subject instead of giving her the respect and place she deserves. but well, you are this, what are we going to do.”

“You talk as if you had been there 😂”, laughed Rauw who while answering others who are followers and recommended him to stop answering those who have nothing to contribute and listen to them. “I don’t need to have been there to know that you are a manipulative macho man,” she accused.

“When you talk about the fox, is it someone else or are you talking about yourself in the third person? I’m asking seriously,” the hater insisted. “Che! El Fokin Zorro 🤪”, he answered again.

In the end, he ended up asking for suggestions for Netflix to cope with jet lag. Oh, and by the way, in all this crossover of comments, at no point did Rauw mention his ex’s name.