Official Launch: LOS40 Arrives in the United States!

The #1 music radio in Spain and Latin America arrives to the U.S.

At LOS40, we’ve been one of the most influential radio stations in Spain and Latin America for years, serving as the first internationally recognized music radio. We’ve built a network with great enthusiasm and dedication to bring you the biggest hits and entertainment content you’re looking for, starting early in the morning and ending late at night to accompany you throughout the day.

Now, after achieving great success and establishing strong connections with our listeners in 10 different countries, we’re arriving in the United States to provide you with the most iconic songs from our Lista LOS40 USA, where we’ll be reviewing the 40 most popular songs in the country each week. We’re specially focused on the importance and success of Latin and Spanish music, which is making a powerful impact and becoming one of the most listened-to genres in the world. LOS40 USA can now be listened in Spanish on 20 U.S. stations in 12 states and via live streaming at


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Stream LOS40 USA

If you want to start listening, just hit play! You can stream by clicking the «Live» button at the top of the screen if you’re on desktop or by pressing the «Play» button at the bottom. The programming will start soon!

And you might be wondering, apart from the current hits in the United States, what else can you listen to on LOS40? Here are some of the programs you can enjoy online in Spanish through starting this week. In them, we will provide you with the best daily entertainment content, as well as the latest news and interviews with your favorite artists.

In this sense, and as we previously mentioned, our mission is to provide the best entertainment to the Hispanic and Latino community in the United States. While on this website, you will find all kinds of content about music and celebrities in English, you can listen to our streaming programming in Spanish. Don’t miss out!

Del 40 al 1

Every week, we will review the big hits and new entries on ‘Del 40 al 1,’ guided by our great host Riva Pop, of course! From the best Mexican music, reggaeton, trap, Latin pop—don’t miss it!


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Ya Párate!

‘Ya Párate!’ is the morning show of LOS40 Mexico, which you can also listen to on LOS40 USA. It’s hosted by the lively trio composed of Facundo, Alexita Garza, and Iñaki. They bring a touch of controlled chaos to our early hours, infusing the start of the day with the energizing spirit we all need.

On LOS40 USA, the show will be broadcast from Monday to Friday, with a weekend recap highlighting the best moments.

El Tlacuache

‘El Tlacuache’ is the late-night show of LOS40, hosted by the hilarious hosts Faisy, Gabo Ramos and El Diablito. With unfiltered interviews and their unique conversations, they turn the night into a laughter-filled extravaganza. In LOS40 USA, it will be broadcast from Monday to Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 in the evening.


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De Estreno

‘De Estreno’ is your ticket to exclusive interviews with international artists, movie premieres, and everything related to the fascinating world of cinema.

In LOS40 USA, it will be broadcast on Saturdays, with a repeat on Sundays.


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‘El Brunch’

‘El Brunch’ isn’t just a program; it’s a lively conversation and a platform dedicated to empowering, educating, and inspiring both women and men. Join in as three close friends, Pam Voguel, Gaby Cam, and Riva Pop, delve into trending topics, life and style, pop culture, love, and relationships, among other engaging subjects.

Catch El Brunch on LOS40 USA every Saturday and Sunday.


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Podcasts & Lista LOS40 USA

Remember that you can also listen to these contents in podcast format, which you can find on the main page of Additionally, you will find our Lista LOS40 USA ready to play on the main streaming platforms.