Nicki Nicole Breaks Her Silence on Anitta & Peso Pluma’s ‘Perreo’ Controversy

The singer addressed the situation during an encounter with journalists

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Peso Pluma and Anitta went viral for their performance of their song «Bellakeo» on ‘TikTok in the Mix,’ the platform’s first-ever global live music festival, just over a month ago. Anitta, one of the leading figures in the Brazilian funk music scene, brought her sensuality to the stage, matching the song’s seductive vibe, and danced alongside Peso Pluma without hesitation.

But what really got people talking was the perception that ‘La Doble P’ was actively trying to keep some distance from her, even though their collab song was all about ‘bellakear’ together. But, why did he seem to be avoiding Anitta? One of the main reasons people suspected was that he had recently made official his romantic relationship with the Argentinean artist Nicki Nicole. Many believed he was trying to be respectful to her by not getting too close to Anitta during the performance. 

@anittaNO PUEDO con este treeend!!! Que risaaaa kkkk 🥷🏽🍑♬ BELLAKEO – Peso Pluma & Anitta

As a result, people on the internet wasted no time discussing the situation. A trend even emerged, with some imitating the singers to mimic what Peso Pluma should have done, while others simply engaged in it for pure entertainment. It’s worth noting that Anitta herself joined the trend, taking the situation lightly and with a sense of humor.  

@edwinlunat No dejas bailar @kimfloresgz te pasas🤭 ay no @Anitta ♬ BELLAKEO – Peso Pluma & Anitta

@christianjmaldonado Como peso pluma debió actuar 🤣 #pesopluma #anitta #bellakeo ♬ sonido original – de todo un poco

@anittafunkstarr #bellakeo #pesopluma #contenidodeanitta #anittaespañol #temazo #parati ♬ BELLAKEO – Tiktok – Peso Pluma & Anitta

Some even created edited videos showing the «Bellakeo» singers performing on stage, with quick cuts to Nicki Nicole appearing angry or jealous due to the provocative dance moves. However, it later became clear that these videos were entirely fabricated. 

Nicki’s Response

Despite all the rumors and gossip, neither the Mexican singer nor the Argentinean artist issued any official statements about the incident. It was only recently that Nicki Nicole addressed the situation during an encounter with journalists at Los Angeles International Airport. 

     I know Anitta; she’s a friend of mine. I thought it was an outstanding performance, truly impressive. I also believe «Bellakeo» is a fantastic song, and if you can’t dance it that way, then how else should one dance?”

The Argentinean artist also defended Peso Pluma amidst the controversy surrounding his performance at the 2024 Viña del Mar International Festival, expressing her confidence that her boyfriend is ‘a remarkable artist’ who is bound to shine in his scheduled concert on Friday, March 1, 2024. So, it’s safe to say that ‘La Doble P’ and Nicki are more than good.