Latin Celebrities Who’ve Embraced Red Hair: Rosalía, Young Miko & More!

Why has dyeing hair this color been linked to bad luck in relationships?

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Many of us love playing around with our hair, even though we might sometimes regret it later. The whole trend of trying out bold new hairstyles or colors really took off in 2020 during the pandemic when we were all stuck at home trying to keep ourselves entertained. But changing your look, especially by switching hair colors, can mean a lot more than just a style update.

Our hair has the power to make us feel empowered and confident when we rock a fresh look, and what color says ‘I’m ready to take on the world’ better than red? Red is super intense and can stir up feelings of love, passion, strength, and courage. It’s a color that’s sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. 

Does Red Hair Dye Bring Bad Luck in Love? 

Although red is a color that suits many women well, dyeing hair red has been linked to bad luck in relationships. But why? Many internet users began to connect the romantic breakups of seemingly happy and stable couples after several celebrities dyed their hair red.

Some examples include Rosalía with Rauw Alejandro, Tini with Rodrigo de Paul, and Shakira with Piqué, among others. However, this is merely speculation and not confirmed. Meanwhile, here are some Latin artists who have opted for red hair dye. 

Young Miko

The Puerto Rican trap artist recently surprised her fans with a significant change in her appearance. In her latest post, she revealed a bold transformation from her usual platinum hair to a striking reddish tone. 

Nicki Nicole

While she’s typically recognized for her dark hair, she gained fame with short, blonde locks. However, she sported red hair for a short time back in 2022. And now, Nicki Nicole has surprised us again by returning to red hair.


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The Spanish artist switched up her look for the «Chicken Teriyaki» music video in early 2022. Even though the red hair didn’t last long, some fans affectionately called it ‘Motomami red.’ 

Karol G

Karol G is known for experimenting with her hair color. Despite her iconic aqua blue hair in 2020, she opted for a vibrant red hue in 2022. This new look also gained attention before ‘la Bichota’ switched to her current pink hair color in 2023. 


When we think of Shakira, we usually picture her with her signature blonde hair. However, during the 1990s, the Colombian singer rocked long red locks. She repeated the same style in 2018 for the music video «Perro Fiel,» and in 2021, she surprised everyone by opting for the reddish hue once more. 


Aitana turned heads at the 2023 LOS40 Music Awards Santander when she revealed her new red hair, a departure from her usual black locks that she had kept for quite some time. 


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María Becerra

The Argentine artist isn’t shy about trying out daring hairstyles. However, red isn’t her usual go-to; she sported it specifically for the music video «Te Espero,» a collaboration with Prince Royce. 


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While it’s not common to associate Anitta with red hair, she’s been adding reddish tints to her hair for a while now. The intensity of the red varies depending on the lighting. 


In her recent music video «300 Noches,» Belinda went for a short, red hairstyle. In the past, for «Cactus,» she sported a green hue, symbolizing a previous relationship. 

What about you? Would you consider dyeing your hair red?