Karol G Reveals the Most Important Part of Her Tour for the First Time, and Fans Will Relate

The Colombian artist wanted to thank her supporters for their unwavering support during the 'Mañana Será Bonito Tour'

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Karol G’s social media usually offers a glamorous and sensual glimpse into her day-to-day life, whether she’s working (singing, shooting videos, recording in the studio, composing anywhere…) or in her personal life. However, the artist has rarely shown what might be the most important part of her live performances. The driving force, so to speak, that keeps her going night after night to perform for her dedicated fans.

And that is her family. The Medellín native shared a complete picture of her loved ones, wanting to highlight to her fans how significant they are not only during this ‘Mañana Será Bonito Tour’ but in every one of her endeavors, wherever they may be.

Additionally, the publication of this photo, which undoubtedly took more preparation than a simple backstage click at a show, will resonate with millions of people who can relate to the feeling Karol G had when taking it. Sometimes, it’s not just difficult but utterly impossible to achieve…


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“Trying to get a photo where we’re all looking 🤭 Thank God for my parents, my sisters, and my niece 🤍 I feel so blessed to have them with me… we’ve been on tour for a year, and they’ve been with me 90% of the time 🕊️ They are my happiness, my reason, my reality, and the pillar that supports my mental and emotional health… in what I do, I value having them with me more each day. I LOVE YOU TO WHERE INFINITY ENDS ♾️” wrote the singer on her official social media profile.

Have you experienced this too? And did you also give up? It doesn’t matter because the goal is achieved: Karol G’s family will make headlines in various media outlets worldwide, highlighting their importance in her life and their strong presence during her new world tour.

Her current tour, Mañana Será Bonito Tour, is about to conclude on a high note. In just a few days, we will have the chance to enjoy this musical family here in Spain. Starting on the 20th, and for four consecutive nights, an artist will fill the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to capacity for the first time in history, marking the most massive shows in recent music history.

For Karol G, however, the farewell will be bittersweet: «I feel heartbroken already. Knowing that it’s ending, that I’m singing the music from this album, in quotes, for the last time… Spain is definitely going to be very special.»