The Alarming Reason Why Bad Bunny Canceled Minneapolis Concert

The controversy keeps surrounding his 'Most Wanted Tour' in the US

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Bad Bunny has definitely made a mark in the music industry. Known as the ‘King of Latin Trap,’ he’s bagged several Grammy Awards and held the title of the most-streamed Spotify artist for three consecutive years, from 2020 to 2022. With a net worth of $40 million, he’s undeniably successful. Plus, he’s played a significant role in popularizing Spanish-language music worldwide, not just in the United States. He’s truly a beloved artist.

However, his current ‘Most Wanted Tour‘ has been riddled with controversy. First, he made an entrance to his first show riding a horse into the Delta Center stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah, which raised eyebrows. Then, he took legal action against a fan who shared tour videos on YouTube.

Adding to the drama, the Puerto Rican artist has found himself in the spotlight once again after suddenly canceling his concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis, which was set for March 23. The cancellation, announced just two days before the show, left ticket buyers baffled, with an email citing ‘unforeseen circumstances’ as the reason.


The concert was removed from the calendar and events section of the Target Center’s website. Fans were naturally disappointed, and many shared their thoughts online. One fan even said, “Minneapolis may be small, but we still love you,” while others wondered if the concert would be rescheduled. 

But Why Was It Canceled? 

Some media outlets speculated that ‘poor ticket sales’ might have been the reason. In the week leading up to the concert, it appeared that less than half of the arena’s tickets had been sold, with plenty of seats still available. Plus, ticket prices were quite high, ranging from $122 to over $600.

Some social media users mentioned that artists often need to sell more than 75% of tickets three days before the show, or else it could be canceled. However, according to KSTP, Bunny’s team insisted that ‘poor sales’ weren’t the issue, though they didn’t offer any further explanation. 

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Bad Bunny at the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2023 held at Watsco Center on October 5, 2023 in Coral Gables, Florida. Christopher Polk/Getty Images.

Drop in Ticket Sales or Weather Trouble?

After news spread about the supposed low ticket sales that led to the concert being canceled, fans of the singer suggested that the real reason might be the weather. Official reports indicate that a snowstorm was hitting Minnesota, with 3 to 6 inches of snow expected in Minneapolis. This could potentially disrupt the tour’s logistics. However, Bad Bunny has not confirmed the true reason yet.