Christian Nodal Reveals Which Female Artist He Admires: It’s Not Ángela Aguilar

This revelation quickly led to speculation

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Christian Nodal keeps making news, especially after a recent interview where the famous regional Mexican singer revealed who he admires and why. Instead of naming his girlfriend Ángela Aguilar, as many expected, he surprised everyone by expressing admiration for another woman. This revelation quickly led to speculation.

Nodal mentioned he’s ‘obsessed’ with a song by Nathy Peluso, which reminds many of his past admiration for Cazzu, his ex-partner. This has stirred up rumors online, with various theories emerging. Some now speculate that the singer might be interested in Nathy and suggest he could soon enter into another relationship. However, this is a highly premature conclusion.

Despite stating in his interview with the Spanish newspaper AS that he simply admires the song «Corleone» by the Argentine artist, the situation quickly went viral and misunderstood. Social media was flooded with comments like:

  • “I think he’ll go after Nathy Peluso next”
  • “Nathy Peluso, watch out”
  • “Physically, Nathy Peluso looks like a blend of Ángela and Cazzu”.

Potential Breakup? Rumors Persist

Recently, there have been rumors circulating that Ángela and Christian have split up and are no longer together. This speculation started when people noticed the couple focusing on their personal lives without posting on social media. Christian is currently touring Europe successfully, while Ángela has returned to her family to continue their ‘Jaripeo hasta los huesos’ shows with her brother and father, Pepe Aguilar, in Dallas, Texas.

Despite some scrutiny of their relationship, they are still together and have even shared an Instagram story showing affection. The truth is, they had been apart due to their busy schedules, but they have made it clear that their love remains strong.