Barbie Era Over for Margot Robbie? No Pink at the 2024 Oscars

She completely broke with tradition by opting for a black dress instead

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Margot Robbie was one of the actresses who stole the spotlight at the 2024 Oscars, just as she has throughout the ‘Barbie movie era.’ As we may recall, the actress portraying the iconic doll demonstrated her dedication not only to her role but also to the essence of Barbie herself. From the beginning, she adopted a winning strategy: showcasing Barbie’s most iconic outfits on every pink carpet. She even made appearances at various awards ceremonies dressed in ensembles completely inspired by Barbie.

Such was the hype surrounding Margot Robbie’s Barbie-inspired looks that her stylist, Andrew Mukamal, has recently unveiled a book titled ‘Barbie: The World Tour’ on March 8. This comprehensive publication showcases all of Margot Robbie’s iconic Barbie-inspired ensembles.

What Barbie Wore to the 2024 Oscars

However, unlike previous occasions where Robbie always wore something pink, for the Oscars red carpet, she completely broke with tradition by opting for black instead. This detail didn’t go unnoticed, as social media users began to discuss it. Many speculated that Margot had distanced herself from Barbie due to what happened with some nominations. Despite its success and winning the love of millions worldwide, several nominations were overlooked, such as Best Picture, Best Director, and Robbie’s own performance, but not Ryan Gosling’s. This fact caused outrage when it was revealed.

The reality is that this could just be a coincidence, and the actress might not have paid much attention to this detail. However, considering her past commitment, it’s a bit hard to believe. Robbie wore a dress with a corset-style top, draped hips, and a column cut from Versace’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection. Whether it was the end of the Barbie era where black would make sense or a scenario similar to Lady Di’s revenge dress, remains uncertain.

As for the 2024 Oscar party, did she wear pink? The answer is no, as even for the post-celebration, Robbie opt for gold with a corset from Thierry Mugler’s 1996 collection.

No matter the reason, both Robbie and Greta Gerwig showed their full support for their friend Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, when he performed the song from the movie «I’m Just Ken».