Bad Gyal Confesses Grandmother’s Reaction to Her First Concert

The Spanish singer not only exudes sensuality but also has a strong connection with her family

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The songs on La Joia reflect the hard work Bad Gyal has put into her recent career phase. With a blend of Jamaican rhythms, reggaeton, and reggae, her debut studio album offers a captivating mix of sounds that have already become favorites among her countless fans. 

However, Alba (her birth name) acknowledges that, besides her own dedication and persistence, the steadfast support from her family has played a crucial role in her artistic development from the very beginning. During an interview with Billboard, she remembers her early days, when her mother gave her the green light to fully commit to her singing career. 

     I have incredibly cool parents and an amazing family.”

Bad Gyal declares during the interview. Another significant figure in her life is her grandmother, who undoubtedly stands as one of her pillars of support. She takes immense pride in witnessing her granddaughter pursuing her passion.

“When I saw my grandmother, my father’s mother, at one of my concerts, I thought, ‘Now I can feel at ease.’ If she approves… If she looks at me with those eyes filled with excitement and understands that it’s me… then everything is alright. Because there’s always that lingering concern like ‘wow, it’s my grandmother, you know? I’m not sure how she’ll react to certain things.’ But she’s proud and always sends me voice messages like ‘Sweetheart, I love you so much. You’ll always be my little girl. I adore what you’re doing. I’ve seen you here, I’ve seen you there,’” she shares. 

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“No, that’s the surprising part – she accepted me just as I am, loved it, and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s great, I’m so lucky,’” she adds. While promoting La Joia, Bad Gyal has shared statements that have garnered attention. During an interview with EFE, she revealed details about her relationship with Rosalía and whether a collaboration with her is on the horizon. It’s a topic her fans have eagerly been asking about, hoping it becomes a reality.