Rosalía Makes Unexpected Return to Social Media

After her breakup with Rauw, she shared a glimpse into what she's been up to during her time away

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Time has flown by, and it’s been a month and a half since Rosalía vanished from the realm of social media following her breakup with Rauw Alejandro. After four years of being together, the Puerto Rican and the Spanish sensation decided to close the chapter on their love story, leaving all of us in a state of disbelief. 

Rosalia and Rauw attend "Los40 Music Awards"
Rosalia and Rauw attend ‘Los40 Music Awards’. Isabel Infantes/Getty.

We all know that breakups are never easy, and healing is a unique journey for each individual. Rosalía, having wrapped up her Motomami era in Paris and hinting at the upcoming chapters of her career, chose to step away from the digital world for an unspecified period. 

During this time, Rosalía’s silence was only broken when a fan spotted her driving through the streets of Miami, offering a glimpse into that moment of her life. 

As previously mentioned, it’s understandable that she needed some quality time with herself, especially after an exhilarating tour. However, the social media blackout has finally come to an end, and our star has made her triumphant return, and it’s safe to say it wasn’t in vain. 

She’s Back!

Out of the blue, Rosalía has made an unexpected and splashy return to the social media scene, catching us all off guard. The artist has come back with a bang, treating us to a carousel of images that offer a glimpse into what she’s been up to during her time away. 

She’s been keeping busy, to say the least. Her recent activities include immersing herself in a day of composing, savoring ice cream, sweating it out at the gym, enjoying a horseback ride, and even stepping into the boxing ring. 


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But for those with a discerning eye, there are some intriguing details that haven’t escaped notice. For instance, she’s shared a selfie with her choreographer, the same one she’s been collaborating with since 2019, the very same choreographer who has worked with Dua Lipa. 

And then there’s the sight of a book dedicated to poetic composition, hinting at the possibility that she might be cooking up something special as the successor to her Motomami era. Rosalía’s return has left us with a delightful sense of anticipation, and it seems like there are exciting things on the horizon for this talented artist.