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Natanael Cano: Why Doesn’t He Perform His Censored Song ‘Cuerno Azulado’?

He recently began singing it but had a change of heart and stopped

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At his young age, Natanael Cano has earned the distinction of being a leading pioneer in one of today’s most influential musical movements, not just within Mexican music but on a global scale: the ‘corridos tumbados.’

He has unquestionably reshaped the landscape of contemporary Mexican music. One of his major hits is the song «Cuerno Azulado,» but it’s also one of the most controversial. 

What are ‘Corridos Tumbados’, the Variant of Regional Mexican Music Blanketing Charts in the U.S?
Natanael Cano performs on the Coachella Festival. Scott Dudelson/Getty Images.

It’s crucial to remember that this genre is characterized by its explicit lyrics, language referencing violent acts, weapons, or other topics related to organized crime, often incorporating elements of hip-hop. 

Due to these very themes, numerous Mexican states have made efforts to censor many of these songs and even target the artists themselves, citing concerns about the potential promotion of violence, criminal behavior, gender-based violence, and other contentious issues. 

«Cuerno Azulado» 

The song is featured on Cano’s most recent album, Nata Montana. Nevertheless, the track had a fleeting presence on Natanael’s digital platforms before it was swiftly subjected to censorship. 

«Cuerno azulado» explores the clandestine associations formed by government entities with specific criminal organizations, the illicit trafficking of controlled substances, and notably chronicles the rise of an individual who would later become one of the most extensively pursued figures by both Mexican and United States authorities: ‘El Chapo Guzmán.’

During one of his recent live shows, Cano caught his fans off guard when he spontaneously began singing a few lines of the controversial song a cappella. However, within moments, he had a change of heart and stopped his performance.

     Cuerno de chivo azula’o, con el gobierno pacta’oChingo de perico que se a traficadoLa montaña patrocina, siempre en el rancho JGL pa’ presidente

–it was the part of the song that Natanael Cano sang live.

@pantherchavez #natanaelcano #gabitoballesteros #cuernodechivoazulado ♬ Cuerno Azulado – Chid CD

In another instance, he said something that raised concerns among several attendees.

@pantherchavez Respuesta a @Nicole ❤️ #natanaelcano #gabitoballesteros #cuernodechivoazulado ♬ Mi Bello Angel – Natanael Cano

To this day, Natanael has not revealed the reasons behind the censorship of «Cuerno Azulado,» nor has he mentioned any direct threats received after its release.

What he has clarified, however, is that this particular track was among his personal favorites. Nevertheless, it seems very unlikely that it will be released anytime soon.