Rosalia's Response to Her Fake Nude Photo

«It’s Disgusting»: Rosalía’s Response to Her Fake Nude Photo

The singer has reacted strongly to the controversy sparked by a Spanish rapper.

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Rosalía has publicly expressed her anger over a recent post of a manipulated photograph that falsely portrayed her as naked. The singer has responded strongly through her social media, making it clear that she finds it ‘disgusting’ and ‘sad’.

“Using someone’s image for clout, disrespecting them, and sexualizing them is a form of violence and is disgusting. But doing it just for four plays? That’s shameful” tweeted the Spanish diva on the afternoon of this past Tuesday, May 23.

Within 24 hours, the image, published by JC Reyes, a Spanish rapper, went viral on social media after he posted it on his Instagram stories. Reyes used a well-known photo of her during her tour in America and manipulated it to make it appear as a topless photo, which has caused controversy and the evident anger of users in social networks.

Promoting a Song: the Reason Behind the Controversy

And shortly after, during a live session on Instagram, JC Reyes added more fuel to the fire, further infuriating internet users: «To those women who are criticizing me, what are you doing? How disgusting you are… You can only see the girl’s cleavage. Respect, alright? It’s photoshopped… Wait, the next song is called Rosalia, okay?»

These disturbing messages spread across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, leaving users in disbelief and fueling their growing anger. The fake nude photograph of Rosalía set social media on fire, quickly spreading worldwide.

International media outlets, such as Rolling Stone and Billboard magazines, have also condemned the situation faced by the Spanish artist following the publication of this crude montage, which attacks her image and integrity by implying that it is a privately sent nude image.

The majority of comments on social media criticized the publication and urged Rosalía and her team to report it to the authorities. Based on the social media activity of the individual who uploaded the image, it appears to be a promotional strategy to gain more publicity for his new song. In fact, the latest video in his stories includes a mention of Rauw Alejandro, along with what appears to be a snippet of a song.