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Bizarrap Unveils Short Film Teaser for Upcoming Session

He made the announcement in a 10-minute 'Wolf of Wall Street'-style cinematic experience

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Bizarrap, or should we say, Bizapop, never ceases to amaze us. This time, it’s not through one of his signature sessions but rather with a captivating short film. Yes, a nearly 10-minute cinematic experience where the producer steps into the spotlight, reminiscent of The Wolf of Wall Street. Through this short film, he tantalizingly reveals that we’ll need to wait at least one more week to uncover the identity of the artist who will join Bizarrap in the premiere of «BZRP Music Sessions #57» on October 4th.

This revelation adds intrigue to the enigma that emerged following his name change on social media. In the short film, the producer revels in adoration from a euphoric crowd, celebrating his achievement of surpassing 8.5 billion streams on a prominent streaming platform. However, in the middle of the jubilation, there’s a voice of caution, reminding him that there’s more work to be done and that a broader audience brings higher expectations.

Intriguing Phrases

The short film leaves us with thought-provoking phrases that are sure to spark discussion in the weeks ahead as we dissect Bizapop’s creative vision frame by frame: “I want to tell you something, something that’s not very good. That’s why I’m here, to tell you that we’ve reached 8.5 billion streams on Spotify. We won, we’re winning again, and we will keep winning.” The notion of success solely measured by numbers triggers a profound introspection, guided by this inner voice.

“You don’t even grasp what you’re celebrating. You’ve missed the point,” the voice cautions Bizarrap. This is a profound and sobering statement directed at a producer with an impeccable track record and success that transcends not only the Latin music scene but also encompasses genres like pop, rap, and urban music.

In the course of the conversation, a noteworthy question emerges, met with a reflective response: “Do you recall what you advised me when this journey began? That I should leverage my piercing blue eyes more! (accompanied by a smile) That the more listeners we garnered, the more complex it would be to meet everyone’s expectations,” the producer acknowledges.

All of this unfolds before BZRP’s vision is obscured by a rising tide, as the office that moments ago was reminiscent of The Wolf of Wall Street festivities transforms into an aquatic landscape. His query, “Whom should I heed?” seems to hint that there might be an exclusive session from the artist himself, without the need for a collaborator to define it. Just his voice. Just his music.

What are your thoughts on this intriguing announcement?

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