Why March 30th Won’t See Anitta’s Album Release: «Nobody’s that Crazy»

She planned to release 'Funk Generation,' as part of her birthday celebration

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On March 30th, Anitta will turn 31, and originally, she planned to release her fifth studio album, Funk Generation, as part of the celebration. However, she’s had to change the album’s release date. 

The «Bellakeo» singer is quite active on social media, often interacting with her fans. During an Instagram Live session on Tuesday, March 5th, she addressed some questions about the release of Funk Generation. Many fans were curious about the album’s release date, speculating that she might drop it on her birthday. 

During the livestream, Anitta clarified that although she didn’t reveal the exact release date, it wouldn’t be on March 30th. Why? Because Beyoncé is dropping her highly anticipated album, Renaissance, and as Anitta humorously mentioned, “No one’s crazy enough to release something on the same day as her.”

“Everything’s fine, we’re about to release it. Everything else on the album was already ready; we just made a few changes. I’m going to shoot a video this week to replace another one, and it’s going to be fantastic. Everything will work out in the end. But it will be out soon, my friends. Though there’s still a little wait. We’re going to announce it before my birthday. We won’t release it that day because, you know, there’s another release on my birthday, right? Beyoncé is dropping her album on the twenty-ninth. So, neither I nor anyone else here is that crazy, right?” explained Anitta in the video. 

@anittaaccess Ela ainda falou sobre não lançar no dia do seu aniversário pois terá lançamento de Beyoncé #anitta #album #fy #beyonce #funkgeneration ♬ som original – Anitta Access

This marks the Brazilian artist’s debut since joining Republic Records, the same label behind global icons like The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. Funk Generation will feature tracks we’ve already heard, such as «I Wanna F» and «Grip.»