Who’s Domelipa? The Mexican Influencer Collaborating with Ozuna

The single will debut in the coming months titled 'Ese Vato'

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Ozuna has been making significant strides in the music industry for over a decade. Just recently, it was announced that he will collaborate with Domelipa, the Mexican influencer who recently signed with Sony Music. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, she revealed that their next song together will feature Ozuna and will be titled «Ese vato.» In Mexican slang, ‘vato’ refers to a ‘guy’ or ‘man’ and carries various connotations.

“It’s an amazing opportunity that benefits both of us greatly, and I’m very grateful for it. For him, it boosts his popularity among influencers, and for me, it advances my music career. Meeting him in person and chatting was really cool. He’s someone I deeply admire. These are things that a young Domelipa wouldn’t have believed,” said Domelipa in the interview.

«Ese Vato» marks the first collaboration between these two artists. Based on early previews, it’s clear that the song blends pop-rock with a playful style, exploring the emotions of falling in love while hesitating to make a move, fearing rejection. Produced by the renowned Ovy on the Drums, known for his work with artists like Karol G and Quevedo, it’s expected to be a major hit.

Who is Domelipa?

Dominik Elizabeth Reséndez Robledo, better known as Domelipa or simply Dome, is a 22-year-old Mexican YouTuber and influencer who creates comedy videos, vlogs, pranks, and challenges. She gained popularity on platforms like TikTok and has grown to become one of the top influencers in her field, boasting over 20 million followers on Instagram.

Since she was very young, she has had a passion for music, but she didn’t get the chance to start pursuing it until a couple of years ago. Now, she’s signed a contract with Sony Music, marking the beginning of her career as a professional singer.


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She shared in the interview: “I’ve been recording music for the past two years, and 2024 feels like the right time to release it. Two years ago, I didn’t understand how the music industry worked. I thought it was just about putting songs online, but I’ve learned it’s much more complex. I’m grateful for my new team—they support me and my ambitions,” she said with excitement.

She also mentioned that her primary goal was to connect with the audience: “The music I’m creating has personal meaning for me, and I know many people feel the same but struggle to express it. My aim is for listeners to relate to my lyrics,” she sincerely stated. Without delay, the singer has already released her debut single titled «LA FOTO» (The Photo). The song reflects on a past relationship she has moved on from but occasionally recalls when she sees reminders on social media.

After this debut, we look forward to hearing her next song. Were you familiar with Domelipa before? What are your thoughts on her single?