Who Are the Latin Nepo Babies?

How many family ties exist within the Latin industry?

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Lately, there’s been talk about a term that gained popularity in 2022 and has stuck around as a way to refer to the children of celebrities who are also carving out their own paths in the industry: Nepo Baby/Babies. While this term isn’t limited to any specific field, it’s often linked to acting, music, and even modeling.

The concept is that these individuals might have had an easier time advancing in their careers because of their family connections within the industry. For instance, there’s Miley Cyrus, whose father is Billy Ray Cyrus and whose godmother is the country music legend Dolly Parton. Then there are Willow Smith and Jaden Smith, who are the children of Will Smith. Also, there’s Lily-Rose Depp, who is both an actress and a model, and happens to be Johnny Depp’s daughter.

The exact origins of this term aren’t crystal clear, but it gained momentum when people online started noticing how many celebrities come from well-established families. This observation is especially notable in Hollywood, where it seems like everyone is somehow interconnected. Some say it all kicked off when someone realized that Maude Apatow (Euphoria), is the daughter of actress Leslie Mann and director Judd Apatow.

Latin Nepo Babies

However, this has also stirred up curiosity within the Latin entertainment industry to see if similar situations occur here, as they do in Hollywood and other fields like music. It’s important to recognize that this kind of ‘nepotism’ has been around in various industries for a long time, not just among famous figures.

In this article, we use the term Latin Nepo Baby to describe these connections, acknowledging its popularity on the internet, but not to pass judgment or suggest that fame is solely due to these ‘influence’. Talent and hard work are the real factors that make a difference.


Ángela Aguilar

Ángela Aguilar, often dubbed ‘the princess of Mexican music,’ comes from the famous ‘Aguilar dynasty.’ Ángela’s father is Pepe Aguilar, a renowned figure in Mexican regional music (Mariachi). It’s worth noting that her brother, Leonardo Aguilar, is also a singer, following in the footsteps of their family. However, her musical lineage extends far back.

Ángela Aguilar, Latin Nepo Baby
Pepe Aguilar (L) and Angela Aguilar perform onstage during Pepe Aguilar and Family ‘Jaripeo Sin Fronteras 2019’ on April 01, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Her grandfather, Antonio Aguilar, was a big deal in the 1950s, both as a singer and actor during Mexico’s golden age of cinema. Beyond entertainment, Antonio was a prominent advocate for Mexican sport and charro culture, earning him the moniker ‘El Charro de México.’ Furthermore, Ángela’s grandmother, Flor Silvestre, enjoyed a distinguished career as actress and singer.

Despite this impressive family background, Ángela stands out on her own. Her incredible voice and musical talent have earned her nominations for both Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards, making her one of the youngest nominees in history.

Majo Aguilar

Also a member of the ‘Aguilar dynasty,’ we have the talented María José Aguilar Carrillo. Unlike Ángela Aguilar, she is the daughter of Antonio Aguilar Jr., Pepe Aguilar’s older brother.

DORAL, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 21: Majo Aguilar performs on the set of Univision’s «Despierta America» on February 21, 2024 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

Majo is a singer and songwriter that has been nominated twice for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2022 and 2023, in the Best Ranchera-Mariachi Album category. Her debut EP, Tributo (2017), pays tribute to her grandparents (Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre). Moreover, the lead single from her ranchera album Mi herencia, mi sangre, titled «No voy a llorar» (2021), topped Billboard’s Mexico Popular Airplay chart.

Evaluna, Mau & Ricky

Evaluna might ring a bell for some because she’s married to Colombian singer Camilo, and they’re expecting their second child. But she’s not just Camilo’s wife; she’s also a renowned artist by herself and Ricardo Montaner’s daughter.

(L-R) Mauricio Montaner and Ricky Montaner (Mau y Ricky), Ricardo Montaner, Evaluna Montaner, and Camilo perform onstage during rehearsals for Univision’s 33rd Edition of Premio Lo Nuestro on February 14, 2021 in Miami, Florida. (Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images)

However, the family ties run deeper: Evaluna is the sister of singers Mau and Ricky, who are also Ricardo’s sons. Mau and Ricky are responsable for hits like «Desconocidos» with Manuel Turizo and Camilo, as well as «La Boca,» another collaboration with Camilo.


Eiza González

The mother of the renowned Mexican star, now a recognized figure in Hollywood as well, is Glenda Reyna. She was a model who worked for prestigious brands in Mexico, the United States, and Europe. After her modeling career, she used her expertise and connections to start her own agency, Glenda Artist Management.

Moreover, from 2009 to 2014, she served as a judge on the reality show Mexico’s Next Top Model.

Adria Arjona

You might recognize Adria Arjona from some major productions such as Good Omens, Morbius, Star Wars: Andor, Hitman, True Detective, and her role as Dorothy Gale in the series Emerald City. Recently, she made headlines by confirming her relationship with Jason Momoa. What you might not know is that she’s the daughter of renowned singer Ricardo Arjona and former model Leslie Torres.

Eugenio Derbez

Many might not know this, but the well-respected artist Eugenio Derbez is actually the son of the actress Silvia Derbez. Silvia was quite a big name in Mexican cinema during the 1950s, both nationally and internationally, even competing in Miss Mexico 1952, where she came in fourth.

Eugenio, on his part, has four children who are also involved in showbiz, primarily in acting but also dipping their toes into the world of music. They are Aislinn, Vadhir, José Eduardo Derbez, and Aitana Derbez.


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