Nicki Nicole on Bisexuality: «I Think I Am Too»

The Argentine star opened up about her more personal side in a recent streaming

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Nicki Nicole is trending again, but this time it’s not because of her music or her recent breakup with the corridos tumbados singer Peso Pluma. She’s in the spotlight because she casually came out during a live stream with influencers Carrera, Nil Ojeda, Lith Killah, and Angie Velasco. That’s right, Nicki confessed that she’s also attracted to women.

It seems the singer didn’t plan to make this announcement or mention that she is bisexual. However, the topic came up very casually when Nicki asked Angie if she is ‘bi’ (bisexual). After a brief pause, she said, “You know, I think I am too lately.” Her friend, smiling proudly, responded, “That’s it,” and they fist-bumped. A few seconds later, the «Ojos Verdes» singer realized she had said it live and laughed nervously. Her friends applauded and said, “You came out of the closet, girl!” Naturally, this video went viral on social media.

Despite being at the center of controversy for several months, the «Cristal» and «PERROS & GATAS» singer is fully enjoying her single life and seems to be going with the flow as she explores her attractions to both men and women. Plus, she’s having the best moments of her career. Good for Nicki!

Nicki & an Ex?

Although the singer has been linked romantically with some men, like River Plate footballer Nicolás de la Cruz, due to some affectionate messages they exchanged on social media, nothing more came of it. Recently, fans have been trying to find signs linking her to an ex-partner. Nicki responded by asking them to stop and clarifying that there was no such relationship.

    People, I want to make something clear: there are no hints or anything happening like you imagine. I take it with humor. I swear there’s nothing! I even deleted a few things to avoid any misunderstandings. I don’t want to make the person I’m being linked with or myself uncomfortable.”


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