Myke Towers Reveals the Downside of His Hit ‘LALA’: It Was Made for Adults

The singer has confessed that he's embarrassed when kids sing that song

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Remember Myke Towers‘ song «LALA»? Most of us probably do because its catchy tune had us humming and dancing along since last year. And if you check it out on YouTube, you’ll see it’s got over 300 million views. Plus, it’s been streamed almost a billion times on Spotify in less than a year, making it one of the biggest hits of the past ten months.

But here’s the thing: Myke Towers recently admitted on the popular Spanish TV show ‘El Hormiguero’ that, despite the song’s massive success for his career, there’s one downside—hearing too many kids singing it.

“I’m embarrassed when kids sing that song. «LALA» was made for adults, so if kids are singing it, it’s because their parents let them listen to it,” admitted Myke Towers to the host when discussing the kind of music he creates. “«LALA» has a meaning that’s ‘not appropriate for kids, which is different from the sensual reggaeton usually found in the artist’s music.”

What does it mean? “There are some things I can’t discuss here because many kids are watching. But those who listen to the song know its message. You understand what’s behind it and what it represents,” the singer explained to LOS40 during the song’s release.

Going With the Flow

“I don’t even pay much attention to the numbers; I just focus on trying to create what people enjoy, and the results come naturally. Numbers are just numbers; what really matters to me is feeling the connection with people,” he revealed during the interview on ‘El Hormiguero’.

Additionally, he discussed how sometimes songwriting comes easily to him, explaining that ideas flow effortlessly from his mind to paper in just a few minutes. “I don’t stress about time constraints, but it often happens that way for me. When I’m in the rhythm, it’s like the songs are already formed in my head, and they just need to be written down.”

The artist sees his music as “sensual but also wholesome, trying not to be boring.” This mix has made him one of today’s most successful urban artists.