Christian Nodal and Cazzu Confirm Their Breakup

The couple had been together for nearly 2 years and have a daughter

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Christian Nodal and Cazzu were one of those couples that fans couldn’t stop talking about, especially since their love story seemed to be going so well. And let’s not forget, they have a little one together, Inti. But despite all that, the artists have confirmed they’ve split up after lots of rumors flying around. Nodal himself broke the news, posting about it on his Instagram story.

“It’s time to let you know that Julieta and I are going our separate ways. But our love and respect for each other are as strong as ever, especially since we’re still co-parenting our amazing daughter, Inti,” the singer wrote. “I’m really grateful for the good times we had together, and I’ll always cherish those memories. Your support and understanding during this time of change mean a lot to me.”

It only took a few minutes before Cazzu also confirmed the breakup. She also shared the news on her Instagram account, saying: “As artists, we show the ups and downs of real life. You’re there with us through love, heartbreak, successes, and mistakes. Today, like many times before and surely in the future, some of you support us with love, while others express hate. Thank you, it all helps in healing.”

Weeks of Rumors

But now that news of the couple’s split is out, Nodal is also facing some scrutiny after various things were said about him recently. There’s talk about him regretting getting his teeth replaced with diamonds, and he’s made some comments about his past breakup with Belinda.

As for why they split, nothing concrete has come out yet, but there’s a lot of speculation on social media about infidelity being a factor, though it’s unclear who might be involved. Cazzu posted some photos with another man, but his face is blurred out. And there’s also been a picture circulating of Nodal looking quite happy with another woman.