Beef Alert: Anuel AA Attacks Eladio Carrión in Leaked Song — What He Said

The Puerto Rican dedicates a few verses in an unreleased song, 'XQCP'

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Rumors of a collaboration between Anuel and Izaak had been circulating on social media until they confirmed it. Not only that, but a snippet of the song also leaked, and the rapper himself confirmed its authenticity. On Thursday, June 6, the official release will drop. «The preview going around with @izaak 💦💦💦😈👹 is dropping this THURSDAY 🎶🎶🎶🎶 #June6,» he posted on his Instagram account.

Well, one of the verses from this teaser that caught his followers’ attention is the one directed at none other than Eladio Carrión. This is an unexpected beef, considering there has been no public bad blood between them. «Love is for the wise, not for two-faced people like Eladio,» says the Puerto Rican artist.

«XQCP» is the title of this collaboration between both artists, set to feature hypnotizing reggaeton sounds.

This isn’t the first time Anuel has thrown shade at another artist in the genre in 2024. According to user @ELHOMBREW, Anuel has called out his rivals 12 times over the past six months. He has addressed Arcángel in four songs, Cosculluela in two, Tempo in two, Eladio in one, Bad Bunny in one, Feid in one, and Tali Goya in one.

The trap artist is clear that he has no qualms about naming any artist in his songs to throw some jabs. In a recent livestream, he stated: «The rappers who think they are on my level. Let them believe it. Numbers don’t lie.» He also took the opportunity to invite his fans to check out what’s coming with Izaak and YOVNGCHIMI, so perhaps in his collaboration with this second artist, we might find a nod to another rival on his list.

Either way, his followers are counting down the seconds to listen to «XQCP» in full in just a few hours. And you, did you expect the beef with Eladio Carrión in this new song?