What’s Behind Frank Ocean’s Photo of Rosalía?

The singer posted a picture of the "Tuya" performer on his social media

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Social media is buzzing with the latest post from singer and songwriter Frank Ocean on his Instagram stories: a photo featuring none other than Rosalía with her back to the camera, in front of a beach sunset. Thousands of users are wondering about the reason behind this post, and if we go back in time, we can get a glimpse of what might be going on.

Rosalía has expressed her deep love and admiration for Ocean’s music on several occasions. «In music, Frank Ocean is the most brilliant artist ever, bye» the singer wrote in 2019. In fact, one of the most popular videos of the ‘Motomami’ author before her rise to fame is a cover of Ocean’s «Thinkin Bout You.» «I wish the song was mine, but it’s Frank Ocean’s!» she says at the end of the clip.

As the Spanish artist rose to international fame, a collaboration with Ocean seemed increasingly likely, until last year when Rosalía revealed that she had been in the studio with Frank Ocean in New York. There, Ocean reportedly shared some words with her that she incorporated into her latest studio work.

«There was one time that he said a line, and I never forgot it. And then weeks or even a month after, I wrote the album’s opening track Saoko, and I remembered that line. And I said, ‘Frank tells me to open the world like a nut.’ What’s beautiful is that it can mean whatever you need it to mean. And for me, it makes sense. The song is all about transformation,» the artist revealed in the mentioned interview.

Confirmation of Their Collaboration?

Rumors of a possible collaboration between Rosalía and Frank Ocean gained even more strength after the artist’s unusual incidents at Coachella 2023. Ocean had already experienced some false AI-generated leaks of songs like «Steer It» and «The Line,» but in those same weeks, a video of his supposed song with Rosalía, «Changes,» leaked, accompanied by a music video featuring ASAP Rocky and Slowthai.

Portals like Genius confirm that indeed, «Changes» is an unreleased song by Ocean and Rosalía recorded in 2020, belonging to Frank’s discarded album that year.

Neither of the two artists has commented on the existence and authenticity of this video, but that could change very soon because, as we already know, few things in the music industry happen by chance!