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Troye Sivan’s Upcoming Single ‘Got Me Started’ Sets Social Media On Fire

He teased fans with an Instagram post that doesn't quite fit the autumn mood

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On June 13, Troye Sivan marked the beginning of the summer season with the release of his latest single, «Rush.» This captivating song serves as a glimpse into his forthcoming album, titled Something To Give Each Other. This upcoming record marks a significant comeback for the Australian singer, with more than five years having passed since his last full album release. 

With a blend of club and electronic pop elements, the music video, cover art, and lyrics of «Rush» collectively raised the temperature, unveiling a more sensual and seductive side of Troye Sivan than we’ve seen before. Now, he’s once again embracing this allure as he bids farewell to the scorching heat, teasing fans with the announcement of a new single and an image that doesn’t quite fit the autumn mood. 

Got Me Started

In a recent Instagram post, Sivan left little to the imagination, revealing his bare torso and abdomen amidst the bedsheets. With no head in sight, he accompanied the post with the provocative message, «got me started,» maintaining the steamy aesthetic he established with his first single and album cover. 


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Hours later, his message took on a new meaning through a TikTok post. Sivan utilized the platform to tease a snippet of his upcoming single, «Got Me Started,» while encouraging fans to pre-save the track. The 15-second snippet features what seems to be the chorus, with lyrics like «you just got me started, and I don’t think I can stop it.» Although the release date remains undisclosed, many speculate that the Instagram photo will serve as the single’s cover art. 

@troyesivanGot Me Started. pre-save now 🤲♬ Got Me Started – Troye Sivan

Accompanying the video was a thought-provoking message where he expressed his uncertainty: ‘Will anyone be interested in (listening to) a second single? Or should we simply create a new remix of «Rush,»‘ alluding to a recent musical collab from last week, where he teamed up with PinkPantheress and Hyunjin from the K-pop group Stray Kids. 

Without a doubt, Sivan’s upcoming album is poised for success. With «Rush» nearing 100 million streams on Spotify and boasting over 27 million monthly listeners on the platform, Something To Give Each Other could very well become one of the standout albums of the year. 

So, are you eagerly anticipating the latest offerings from Troye Sivan?