Anitta's Purse at the Latin Grammys that Replicates a Part of her Body: "It's Too Small"

Anitta’s Purse at the Latin Grammys that Replicates a Part of her Body: «It’s Too Small»

As usual, the Brazilian artist has left no one indifferent with her spontaneity.

It’s today, it’s today! There are only a few hours left to experience a historic night at the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards 2023, held for the first time in Spain. Several superstars from the Hispanic-Latin music world have conquered Seville this past week with all the events leading up to the anticipated day. One of them, of course, has been our queen of Brazilian funk, Anitta.

The singer is having a magical year, having established herself as one of the most listened to and influential Latin artists worldwide. Undoubtedly, yesterday she was one of the most dazzling stars on the pink carpet at the Person of the Year 2023 honoring Laura Pausini as part of the Latin Grammys celebrations, awards for which the artist has already been nominated seven times in recent years.

Anitta’s Unique Purse at the pre-Latin Grammys 2023 party

And, as she has accustomed us, Anitta didn’t leave anyone indifferent with her spectacular outfit: an incredible black two-piece ensemble, consisting of a top and a fitted black skirt by Grace Ling, a designer who has also dressed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and model Karlie Kloss.

However, this time it was the details of her ensemble that caught everyone’s attention. On one hand, a silver thorned rose inserted in the belly area, and a particular matching purse that, according to the artist herself, is nothing more and nothing less than a replica of her bottom.

«It’s a reproduction of my butt. Actually, this butt is too small to be mine,» the artist replied when the press asked about her characteristic accessory. Even more surprising was the singer’s response when asked if anything could fit inside. «Nothing fits in here, only my dignity,» she said laughing in an interview with Spanish TV RTVE. «My makeup fits, a little gift I got… and that’s it! The rest of the stuff, let other people carry them,» she joked.


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Anitta’s Performance During the Latin Grammys 2023 week

Anitta not only dazzled on the pink carpet of the event but also performed alongside singer Tiago Iorc, covering a Portuguese version of «En Ausencia de Ti» in tribute to Laura Pausini. Tonight, both artists will also present some of the moments in the highly anticipated Latin Grammys 2023 gala.

@anittaupdate Anitta e Tiago Iorc em homenagem a Laura Pausini no evento ‘Person Of The Year’ no #latingrammy ♬ som original – Anitta update

And you, would you carry as bold a purse as Anitta’s?